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SOA Lives!

Those with their ears to the ground may remember a headline a while back in the IT press claiming that “SOA is dead“. As is usually the case, the true sentiment behind the headline was a bit more complicated.

The analyst at the centre of the controversy, Anne Thomas-Manes, actually meant that the ability to sell SOA projects to the board based purely on the buzzword ‘SOA’ is dead – mostly because SOA programmes sold in this way were usually badly planned and executed with too much focus on the technology rather than creating services that could actually deliver value to the business.

However, in recent years she’s been working closely with Thomas Erl who’s system of SOA design I introduced at Screwfix. Erl-esque SOA is not about technology, its about delivering business value based on business services. Essentially its a new method of creating systems that are more in tune with business architecture.

Anne now feels that projects delivered in this way are ‘Resurrecting SOA’, and at her keynote speech delivered at the SOA symposium in Berlin, she explains why.

I strongly suggest you access this presentation if you can because SOA is making a comeback.  Like Anne says – if you’re not yet capable of delivering systems in a service oriented way, the pressures of mobile and cloud computing could put you on the endangered species list sooner than you think!