• I’m an award winning SOA Architect with a track record for innovation.
  • I’m familiar with the very latest tools, technologies and design methodologies.
  • I have exemplary ‘business-facing’ communication skills.
  • I’m a SOA specialist and SOA Certified Architect (SOACA).
  • I use Java to implement web-services and code Android applications in my spare time.

Career History.

Over the years I have built up an enviable reputation as a thought leader and technical innovator in enterprise architecture & systems design. I have regularly pioneered the use of new practices, tools & technologies for commercial gain during the 12 years I’ve spent in IT.

Innovation is a passion for me and something that I care deeply about. Evidence of my innovative approach to software design and development can be found as far back as 2002 when I was one of the first developers to design and build a commercial software application using Object Relational Mapping (or ORM) technology. ORM technologies (such as Hibernate and JPA) have become the defacto standard for information storage, but back in 2002 this approach was practically unheard of and seriously innovative. Innovation can bring risk, but done intelligently it can also bring fantastic rewards an in this particular case, pioneering the use of ORM allowed my team to reduce development costs by 25% and bring the product to market much quicker than originally planned.

Since then I have remained at the cutting edge of enterprise information technology and adopted service-orientation [SOA] as my preferred approach to enterprise architecture design. Using SOA I have been helping various clients to create powerful and truly flexible service-oriented architectures.

My work on the ‘Fusion’ platform helped it to win Oracle Retail Week – Retail Technology Initiative of the Year 2011

My most recent work involves ‘big-picture’ SOA consulting including the analysis, design, architecture, implementation and governance of service-oriented architectures via SOA Growers Ltd, my independent SOA consultancy company.

How to contact me.

You can contact me through my website at or via LinkedIn:

You can download my Android apps here:

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