Ben has been helping people deliver better software all his working life. He’s achieved this through listening, learning, and leading software developers in large and small organizations spanning many industries and sectors.

Ben’s current focus is the Spring framework. Ben helps VMware build stronger developer relationships with the millions of developers who use Spring every day. He’s technical, often writing code, but also helps to shape products, build websites, and write & produce blogs, videos, and other digital content. You may even hear him speak at conferences such as Devoxx, MS Build, GOTO, and AxonIQ. He’s known for sharing his insights with developers, supporting salespeople, talking to clients, helping with events and hosting, and getting stuck in on social media.

In the past, he’s specialized in software design, software development, service orientation, event-driven architecture, microservices, and cloud computing. He’s occupied a variety of technical roles including, developer, architect, manager, and consultant. Amongst the many techniques he’s applied are XP and agile, test-driven development, pairing, mobbing, domain-driven design, event-sourcing, event-storming, and more. He’s also helped other technology leaders — from CEO and CTO to lead developer — get to grips with challenges surrounding cloud migration and transformation.

You can follow Ben on twitter for regular updates, insights, and opinions on technology today and the world we live in at