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Run Your Batch & Streaming Data Apps On Kubernetes Easily With This Awesome Tech…

Spring Cloud Data Flow is like a hidden gem in the Spring ecosystem. It’s ability to effortlessly build, deploy, and run your data processing workloads anywhere really set’s it apart. And because it’s from the Spring team, you just know it’s going to be dependable, secure, and maintained for the long haul.

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Designed as a microservices architecture, Spring Cloud Data Flow can run almost anywhere. Bare metal? Check. Virtual machines? Check. Public cloud? Check. Private cloud? Check. Cloud Foundry? Check. You can even get commercial support if you subscribe to the VMware Spring Runtime subscription product.

To celebrate adding Kubernetes to the long list of officially supported deployment options above, I recorded a series of five very short developer-focussed getting started videos showing you how to install and use Spring Cloud Data Flow for Kubernetes on your local machine. Take a look…

All the code to accompany this series can be found on GitHub. When watching the videos, fullscreen mode is recommended.

Installing Spring Cloud Dataflow Locally On Kubernetes With Helm

Let Ben Wilcock (@benbravo73) show you how you can set up your local development environment for Spring Cloud Data Flow on Kubernetes. Using simple tools like Kind, Helm, and K9s, Ben will get you up and running and ready to deploy apps in less than 5 minutes!

Creating a HTTP log stream with Spring Cloud Data Flow

Getting started with Spring Cloud Data Flow on Kubernetes doesn’t have to be difficult! With Ben Wilcock’s (@benbravo73) handy video guide and Data Flow’s ready-made components, you’ll have your first data stream up and running in under 5 minutes.

Creating & Deploying Spring Cloud Stream Apps to Spring Cloud Data Flow

Did you know, it takes less than 5 minutes to create your first data source in Spring Cloud Data Flow for Kubernetes? Let Ben Wilcock (@benbravo73) guide you through the code and deployment steps in less time than it takes to grab a coffee from the kitchen. Ben uses Spring Cloud Stream, RabbitMQ, Docker, and Spring Boot to create a containerized source of fictitious Bank Loan Applications. It takes two shakes of a Lamb’s tail (about 5 minutes).

Getting Started With The Spring Cloud Data Flow CLI Tool

We get it. You like Spring Cloud Data Flow for Kubernetes, but you also like to ‘flow’. You know every IDE keyboard shortcut. To others, your terminal screen looks like something out of The Matrix. GUI dashboards make you wince. 

Not a problem. Spring Cloud Data Flow includes a fully-featured command-line interface that you can use to keep your browser tab-count low and your productivity high. Let Ben Wilcock (@benbravo73) show you where to find the Spring Cloud Data Flow Shell and how to get started using it.

Spring Cloud Stream Processors And Scripted Deployments With Spring Cloud Data Flow

Islands In The Stream. Not just a Country classic, they’re also a fact of life for data streaming apps — sending data in different directions depending on your processing logic. Implementing these forks/splits/channels is easy in Spring Cloud Data Flow for Kubernetes once you know how. Ben Wilcock (@benbravo73) takes you through an example step by step, starting with the code and finishing with the configuration and deployment. All in under 7 minutes!